Monday, April 1, 2013

Three kitsch obsessions that need to go away:

1) Bacon.
2) KISS.
3) Zombies.

KISS fans: we get it. You like KISS. And, stuff made to look like members of KISS. Now give it a rest and listen to music that wasn't written for 8-year-olds.

Bacon fans: yup, bacon is tasty. You know what isn't tasty? Everything else flavored like bacon. Go eat your bacon in shamed silence.

Zombie fans: yes, the idea of a zombie apocalypse plays on our basest fears and instincts. But the zombie apocalypse is already here and you're one of them, mindlessly consuming every iteration of zombie pop culture.

1 comment:

  1. If KISS Music is written for 8-year olds so it´s Rolling Stones and other bands Music also written for 8 year olds. Whats the diffrence? Rollings Stones aren´t great players or singers they are great songwriters just like KISS. Sad that people miss great bands just because they can´t stand the bands image. Image is Nothin if you don´t have great songs to back it up. Listen to KISS Mtv Unplugged "I Still Love You" you will hear if you are not tone deaf that Paul Stanley is one of the best rock singers ever even listen to "Goin Blind" you hear Gene Simmons very tastefull and melodic bassplaying.

    One thing that has to go away is Music police with a hollier than thou attitude.

    Just because a band put on a great show doesn´t mean the can´t write great songs.

    I listen to everthing from Meshuggah to KISS, Van Halen e.t.c.

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