Friday, March 21, 2014

"Twins" and the proto-truther warning

In honor of today’s date, 3/21/14 (3+2+1+1+4 = 11), I’d like to blow the lid off of a huge conspiracy. Those who know me well know that I like to blow lids off of things. Hey, can I see your coffee for a sec? Boom — no lid! And, the lid on this conspiracy is so massive, no conspiracy nut has ever dared make it public. Until now.

The movie “Twins” was a proto-truther 9/11 insider’s warning! 

Twins = twin towers.

The character of Julius Benedict was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger = Benedict Arnold, famed traitor in the Revolutionary War. The twins were the result of a secret government experiment and were immediately hidden from their birth mother, Mary (Mary, mother of Christ). 

The film’s adventure takes the twins to Los Alamos, New Mexico: site of the Manhattan Project and birthplace of the atomic bomb! (if you research it, “Manhattan” is another name for New York City)

The twin brothers fall in love with two sisters with the last name Mason. The Benedicts marry the Masons!

“Twins” was released December 9, 1988, TWO (twin) days after the anniversary of the first attack on U.S. soil, Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941. 

The film grossed $11 million in its opening weekend. (The 9th + $11 million.)

Most important of all to note: there’s apparently a SEQUEL in the works, Twins 2. What exactly are they trying to warn us about this time?

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